From the vine to unusual wine production methods

Having the right terroir is not enough, it is just as important to know how to get the best out of it. The three generations, from Philippe to his grandsons Thomas and Edouard, are constantly working on improving the quality of their wines, each bringing his own experience of winemaking techniques, quality research and natural inclination.

Each Le Grand Verdus vintage provides the opportunity to streamline the vine selection methods, and to improve the blending and maturation processes.

Our watchword: respect for the natural environment

At Le Grand Verdus, our main concerns are to preserve the vitality of the soil and the ecosystem to optimise plant growth.

"Our approach to wine-growing is driven by an overwhelming concern for the environment. We are constantly reviewing our procedures to try to protect our fertile natural environment”, , explains Antoine Le Grix de la Salle.

Optimised grape ripening

In line with our focus on quality, Le Grand Verdus aims to control the production of each vine by hard pruning and leaf-thinning around the fruit-bearing area at the start of the summer. This provides optimal sunshine and air circulation to the grapes. If necessary, bunches can be thinned out at a later stage.

This is systematically carried out on the four plots exclusively reserved for our Grande Réserve wine.

Calculated yields

Yield for grapes used in standard blending for the Château Le Grand Verdus range varies from 45 to 50 hl/ha depending on the vintage.

The best plots and specific selection techniques are used to produce Grande Réserve wines and yields are reduced to 25-30 hl/ha, i.e. no more than 1 kg (or 1 bottle) per vine stock.

Meticulous harvesting

Before harvesting, ripening is closely monitored and rigorously analysed from the end of August on.

In parallel, Antoine and Thomas carry out daily tastings of the grapes. They decide together on the best balance of acidity, tannic potential and aromatic expression of the fruit.

In this way, each plot is harvested at exactly the right time.

Choosing the right date is key to ensuring a healthy, homogenous harvest.

The grape must be harvested when it is at its absolute best.

In most of our plots we use a state-of-the-art mechanical grape harvester fitted with a sorting machine. After lengthy testing, these machines have proved their worth and their place at Le Grand Verdus is assured.

The plots destined for Grande Réserve wines are harvested manually in the great Bordeaux tradition, and sorted grape by grape.

The entire crop is sorted before being placed in the fermentation vats.

Sustainable winemaking

Viticulture raisonnée

The estate is a member
of a local sustainable
winemaking network. .

What does sustainable winemaking entail?

Viticulture raisonnée

- Keeping intervention as low
as reasonably possible ,

- Encouraging grass cover between
rows of vines and maintaining hedgerows
between plots

- Treating waste water from the winemaking process
(water from washing machinery and vats)