A process close to natural fermentation

Le Grand Verdus uses highly flexible vinification procedures that are very close to the natural fermentation process.

We do our utmost in the cellars to enhance the work carried out in the vineyard throughout the season.

For Antoine Le Grix de la Salle, the quality of the wine is more or less a fait accompli from the moment the grape is brought into the fermenting room. Vinification takes about four weeks, but this can vary according to varietal, plot and the age of the grapes.

Gentle extraction of colour and aromas

Our aim is to extract the colour and aroma of the grape gently so as to encourage its full expression in the wine. This technique enhances the roundness and the freshness of the fruit.

All estate wines are fermented in two stainless steel vats located on the property. The vats use pneumatic pressure to ensure gentle extraction.

Specific vinification for Grande Réserve

Grande Réserve wines are handcrafted and matured in small vats.

For this vintage, the exceptional quality of the grapes and the small volumes produced means that we can tailor our approach where “our sensitivity ethic governs technical strategy”, explains Antoine Le Grix de la Salle.