Château Le grand Verdus


Château Le grand Verdus

Family history

The history of wines at Grand Verdus  is the story of a château dating from the Renaissance period and the Le Grix de la Salle family, who decided, after the Second World War, to develop their small vineyard into a renowned winery.

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An exceptional patchwork of terroir

Our main asset is the diversity of our terroir.

Terroir of Le Grand Verdus boasts a unique geographical location, numerous microclimates and fertile varietals spread out over 120 hectares.

The hilly landscape where the vineyard is distributed over three estates, provides a veritable patchwork of soil and subsoils forming a rich, diverse ensemble.


The positive family spirit at Grand Verdus has always been our incredible force.

In contact with the older generations since our first steps, based on pragmatism, hard work, and our own vision of the future of our profession, the desire to move forward is in our genes !

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Organic certification, objectif 2023

A unique and hilly landscape, a protected ecosystem

For a long time we are committed to a sustainable agriculture, officially through HVE3 certification in 2018, and it is naturally that we turned to Organic certification since 2020.

“Our approach to wine-growing is driven by an overwhelming concern for the environment. We are constantly reviewing our procedures to try to protect our fertile natural environment”
Antoine Le Grix de la Salle.

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Architecture et innovation

Ce nouveau chai est le fruit d’une longue réflexion, relevant d’un réel challenge architectural tout en nous permettant de travailler de manière plus ergonomique.

Toujours désireux de poursuivre notre objectif d’amélioration de la qualité de nos vins, il était devenu nécessaire d’adapter notre outil de production.

Ce chantier exceptionnel aura duré deux ans et aura accueilli son premier millésime en 2018.

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