Château Le grand Verdus

Organic certification

Preservation of the environment does not result from a recent focus in our winery.

For a long time we are committed to a sustainable agriculture, officially through HVE3 certification in 2018,and it is naturally that we turned to Organic certification since 2020.

Agroecology: harmony between vineyards and nature.

Fundamental principles of agroecology are agroforestry and soil cover are to “Copy” Mother Nature within our vine plots : none wild grounds exists without any cover (plants, bush, etc)

It’s not longer about fighting nature, it will always win. it’s about working with it. Edouard LE GRIX DE LA SALLE


Hedges and trees within the plots

The woods surrounding our different plots are teeming with life, biodiversity rules, allowing a remarkable natural balance. To maximize all the benefits from our biodiversity, creation of “ecological corridors” in the middle of our plots is planned in a near future.

These hedges will help to attract bats in the vineyard. These “guests of honor” are natural predators of insect pests, such as butterflies turning to moths perforating our grapes. Bats are able swallow up to 2,500 butterflies in one night, they are a very encouraging alternative to the use of insecticides.

This project consists of planting hedges and trees, acting as a relay between the natural space which is the forest, and our vines. Edouard LE GRIX DE LA SALLE

Soil cover: Green manure / cover crops between vines rows

At fall we usually sow mixtures of different plant species (grasses, legumes and crucifers) between vines rows.

These seedlings will grow while the vines are dormant and will contribute to mobilize soil elements, avoiding them of being washed away by heavy winter rains.

All this vegetation will have stored carbon (CO2) and will contribute to develop biodiversity (insects, birds, and then microorganisms for its degradation …)



During spring the vegetation is laid down and will return to the ground. Therefore, it will constitute a mulch that will protect the soil from effects of the sun, transformed by microorganisms in organic matter and nutrients directly absorbable by the vine.

Organic matter is the key element for a well-functioning and durable soil.

When they are rich in organic matter, soils are lighter in texture and absorb more water. During dry summers they can contain more moisture, essential for the vine to get through it without suffering too much. It is the most natural way to keep a nice balance and freshness into our wines.

Architecture and innovation

This new cellar is the result of a long reflection, under a real architectural challenge...

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